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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Stupid angry white men Chapter . . . .

London MP Pat O'Brien left the Liberals yesterday to sit as an Independent in the House of Commons, warning he will use "every opportunity" to defeat same-sex marriage legislation

London Free Press

Stupid angry white men Chapter . . . . Does Pat O’ Brien -- this month’s homophobia poster boy -- not get it?! Harper’s opposition to equal marriage has not gotten him any significant traction, what can it do for a know nothing backbencher?

Guess Pat kinda does get it a bit because even he cannot bring himself to cross the floor to the Conservatives.

Still he feels comfortable sitting as an independent (not planning on running again Pat?) and threatening to KILL THE BUDGET in order to stop the possibility that all of UD’s friends (and your sister and your brother and your neighbour down the street with those really nice window treatments) can marry and enjoy full citizenship in this country.

And presumably he seems not to care, just like I-will-honour-their- commitments-Harper (can you believe him? Huh?), that he is threatening to jeopardize (déjà vu all over again) millions of dollars that even cites like London Ontario stand to benefit from, let alone big bad Toronto, self-satisfied Vancouver, and Montréal (a City one assumes an MP like Mr. O’Brian may not be able to find on a map).

He must be stopped. Hell promise him a Senate seat, post him to Burkina Faso, with his sensitivity to others experiences and his social imagination I am sure he would be a great ambassador. Just marginalize him, bring him on side, and let’s hope this little shit is run out of office. Send the money to our cities now!


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